Parents, take note of this dad who embarrassed his son in the funniest way possible at school. πŸ˜€

Jack Beadles recently finished his last day of junior high so his dad, Justin, decided to plan something very special for his son.

He ran up to Jack, dressed up like an Olympic swimmer, as he was yelling out his son’s name. His outfit was complete with a swimming cap, fake Olympic medals around his neck, and of course, a Speedo! And his mom caught everything on camera.

Jack told local media, “I was just like half embarrassed, half thinking I was going to run away.”

Justin Beadles explains, “My dad, he was the guy who always said, β€˜Make a memory every day.’ And since he has been gone, I’ve particularly tried to do that.”

He definitely made a hilarious memory and his son didn’t lookΒ tooΒ embarrassed in the video… πŸ˜‰


h/t Mashable

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