Over 300 street lights are being upgraded this summer in Whistler.

The replacement program is taking place in all neighbourhoods, and will see all light fixtures replaced with LED technology with the goal of decreasing energy consumption. The Resort Municipality of Whistler says the new fixtures have shut-off sensors and timers to maximize energy efficiency, and direct light downward to avoid light pollution.

It is estimated the upgrades will save approximately 107,600 kilowatt-hours of energy annually, the same amount of energy used by five homes in Whistler. Operational costs will also be saved as LED lights do not need to be replaced as often as traditional lights.

Mayor Nancy Wilhelm-Morden says reducing greenhouse gas emissions is one of the most significant actions the community can take to maintain Whistler’s leadership role in solving the climate crisis; “Upgrading these street lights is one of many steps we are taking to reduce energy consumption at a municipal level, while also protecting the natural environment – and even starry skies – which we cherish.” The Mayor says that municipal changes alone will not address the issue, personal actions make a measurable difference.

The project supports recommendations in the municipality’s ‘Community Energy and Climate Action Plan’ to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The plan aims to see a 33% reduction in green house gas emissions by 2020 and a 10% reduction in total community energy consumption by 2020.


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