At the beginning of each week we will place a new secret item into the Mountain FM Mystery Box (example: A red McCoo’s sticker) and reveal hints on the Afternoon Show every day until someone can correctly identify the item on our facebook page.

We will make a video on the Monday and re-share the video each time a new hint is revealed (examples: it’s not alive, you can take it with you, it’s sticky) first person to comment the correct answer wins a pair of Sun Glasses from McCoo’s Whistler!

Be specific! Detail counts!

for Whistlers best selection you’ve got to check McCoo’s, Two great locations in the heart of Whistler Village


Contest open for all listeners unless entrant has won any prize from Mountain FM in the 14 days prior to contest iteration or entrant has won any prize valued at over $1000 in the previous six months. 

The prize each week is a pair of glasses (not the item in the box). The glasses can be traded in-store for a pair of equal or lesser value