This is tough to say and I almost have trouble believing it myself but it’s true. After 7 years, I’m leaving Mountain FM to take on a sales position with Country 107.1 and Star 98.3 in the Fraser Valley. My last day on air will be Friday, September 11th

My time with Mountain FM and my time spent in this beautiful corridor that we are so lucky to call home will always be extremely special to me. I moved here as a 22 year old restaurant manager in need of a fresh start and ended up co-hosting the local radio morning show. How does that even happen? Some luck, some hard work and some really excellent people who were willing to take a chance on me.

I’d like to thank some people here who have helped me take on this insane radio journey and I’ll try to stay brief:

Thanks Rob Michaels for hiring a stranger with no experience to take over Sunday nights from 6pm-10pm and trusting that I would “figure it out”.

Thanks to JP (he hates when I use his full name) who gave me a shot to interview for a promotions position over 3 years ago. The atmosphere that you create in this office is what made me so determined to be a part of it. You continue to inspire this group #Juice!

To Coleen Brooks, my other CB who does so much everyday to make my job easier. Coleen takes care of so much at Mountain FM that is unseen and when I was a part timer she always took the time to make me feel like part of the team. When it was time to try and make a move to a full time roll Coleen was my biggest supporter in the office here.

Thanks to Matt Soper for so many things that we could never post here and for continuing to be one of my best friends.

Thank you to Darren McPeake for showing me above all else how to be a professional. You set the mark every single day here and deserve all the credit in the world for that.

Thank you to “Dean the Intern” for extending my life in this job with your countless hours of help. I have never met a more giving kid. Best of luck in your 2nd year at BCIT, there is no finer example of a young man willing to “work for it” than you. Love ya buddy

Most of all thank you to everyone in the Sea to Sky Corridor who ever took a moment out of their day to say hello, email me feedback, spin a prize wheel or donate to a wonderful cause that Mountain FM chose to support. What makes this place so great and so difficult to leave is the people here.

So feel free to name your baby something weird, I won’t be here to make fun of you. Go ahead and snack on your groceries while you’re still in line, I won’t be here to call you out on it. But most of all, look out your window and never take this beautiful place for granted, thanks again.


Carl Brown Promotions Manager and Morning Show Co-Host