Is there anything worse than packing? I mean beyond famine, poverty and all those larger problems obviously. I haven’t had to move in 8 years so I’m a little out of practice with exactly what has to be done and how long it takes. I put the blinders on last night and got a good chunk of stuff done. Sorry if my wife and I are spamming the Buy and Sell page but if you could please purchase some of our personal belongings at a steep discount that would help a ton (I’m kidding….sort of). My last day is fast approaching (Friday, Sept 11th) and I’d love to here from listeners who might have some tips for me on moving. How have you made it easier in the past? Any organization tips? How brutal were you with your belongings? Please help me adult!

Oh and thanks to Sean Daley and the produce team at Nesters for keeping me rich in boxes, you guys are the best