PSA: Teachers are awesome. But let’s face it…we all gave them a bit of a hard time growing up.


On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert earlier this week he and Amy Schumer issued apologies to their former school teachers for times when they were…less than perfect students.


I was pretty good in school but definitely had some class clown tendencies and had a pretty strong opinion on which rules I deemed “dumb” or “flexible”.


What would you apologize to your teachers for?


I would like to issue a formal apology to my 9th grade French teacher:


*clears throat* *steps up to podium* *reads apology written on hand*


Mr. Lienard,


I’m sorry I challenged your no laptops policy and insisted on using a typewriter to take notes for the first week of classes. What I thought was a hilarious defiance against what I deemed a “dumb rule”, was clearly a class disruption…and typewriter ink is expensive. I returned the relic to the library unscathed and ultimately rewrote my notes by hand.


FYI laptops are pretty standard now in classrooms. I was ahead of the curve.