Do you have a pay it forward story? Do you or someone you know practice random acts of kindness?



I had a cool thing happen at Nesters yesterday! I had to pick up a few items for dinner (and because I really wanted a chocolate bar). When I get to the checkout, I realize I’ve left my visa and debit card in the pocket of my jeans at home (I’m not the best adult all the time). I was able to scrounge up almost enough change to pay for the groceries, but not quite. Good thing I have a back-up credit card!  Nope. Expired.

I was just about to get rid of an item or two so I could pay for it in the coins I had when the lady behind me in line offered to pay for me! The whole bill! AND I didn’t even have to get rid of my chocolate bar treat!

I offered to give her the change I had but she said no worries and sent me on my way! KINDNESS FOR THE WIN!


Thanks KATE!! You made my day!! And I can’t wait to pay it forward!


How cool is that?!


I don’t know about you but I get super disheartened by a lot of the negativity I see on the internet every day and in the news. We are inundated with information, and not all of it is positive – in fact, sometimes very little of it is positive. I tend to internalize it and without me even noticing and it can be a day ruin-er. Yesterday was one of those days and Kate’s kindness really turned my day around! I was grinning about it all evening! I also like to think it made my soup extra delicious with the ingredients she bought for me!



Start your own pay it forward chain! Buy a coffee for someone! Pick up their groceries! Pay a stranger a compliment! Write a positive note and slip it into a library book…or on someone’s windshield!! Get creative!



PS. I would highly recommend this book to all teenagers (anyone any age, really, but I think it’s a good message for high school kids). It’s called “Cool to Be Kind: Random Acts and How to Commit Them”

Four 20-somethings from Victoria, BC hop into a van and go cross country doing random good deeds – These guys visited my high school and it changed my view on the world and inspired me to get more involved in my community. Great read – and might just inspire a new generation of young kids to change the world. 🙂