Source: Joel Telling via Flickr Creative Commons
Photo Source: Joel Telling via Flickr Creative Commons (

Infamous singer, would-be fashion designer and overall controversial public figure Chris Brown was recently denied an Australian visa as he gets ready to tour the nation down under. Oz’s Minister of Women was very clear last week that she would push for Brown’s visa to be denied based on his history of domestic violence. It appears the Ministry of Immigration is very much on board with the idea.

Despite the immigration news, tickets for Brown’s Australian tour dates went on sale this morning. His lawyers have 28 days to appeal the ruling, and the opening of ticket sales seems to mean they’re confident in their ability to overturn the decision. Brown himself said he would have let the ruling go uncontested if not for the reaction of his fans in Australia.

That said, in an era where the immigration debate seems to unfortunately centre around “who can we keep out,” a few countries are applying that logic properly. Australia would join the UK and Canada among countries that have barred the embattled crooner.