Capilano University is  modernizing security on campus.

Introducing a new security app called CapUSafe 

Source: Capilano University
Source: Capilano University

“Capilano University is launching the CapUSafe app, a free mobile toolkit and emergency notification centre. The app will enhance campus safety by quickly connecting subscribers to available safety services and by allowing the University to send emergency notifications and alerts. CapUSafe app is free and recommended for Cap U students, employees and campus visitors”.

We spoke with Susan Doig, Director of Facilities for the university, who says that safety should be something everyone takes a role in. “You as a participant in activities on campus, have a responsibility to take part in what’s going on around you… Here we are trying to create a community culture that we are in this together… and together we can make a more safe and happy place”.

The new CapUSafe app will allow subscribers to:

  • phone Campus Security and/or 911 with the touch of a button;
  • email Campus Security his/her location;
  • arrange for a SafeWalk to their car;
  • sound a loud alarm;
  • report suspicious behaviour and/or send a photo; and
  • download emergency preparedness procedures (e.g. earthquake, fire, bear sighting, etc.).


“Interactive, built-in features and a user-friendly design make it easy for all students, staff and campus guests to access safety resources, such as a flashlight, emergency contacts; and campus maps. In the event there is an emergency or a campus closure (e.g. snow days, power outage), the University will use the app to update the campus community via push notifications”.


Doig says this is an upgrade to security measures, by modernizing their efforts. She says, “Society is changing, and the way we look for information and the way we seek to connect with people is completely different than what it was 10 years ago. What we were trying to do, was to change how we, as a university, communicate…  from how we send out information, to really look at how the information is received, to who is receiving it and what are their needs are”. 


This free app is available for download in for all iOS (Apple) and Android users in iOS/App store and Android/Google Play.