Haha let’s file this one under #AwkwardlyHilarious. At Adele’s concert last week in Vancouver she invited a fan on stage, and gave him a priceless souvenir. She KISSED HIM by accident. The 21-year-old fan, who goes by “Wizzy” on Twitter, told Adele he had come all the way from his native Nigeria for the show, and, clearly moved by his dedication, Adele went in to give him a hug.

But, just as she was going in for a kiss on the cheek he turned his head and they accidentally ended up with lips on lips lol.

WATCH his excitement, it’s hilarious!



Also funny? Adele’s reaction! She said:

“Thank God my man ain’t here (sic)!,” referring to her longtime beau Simon Konecki. “Oh my God, I haven’t been kissed by another man in like six years!” she added. “He just snogged (kissed) me!”

The pair then went on to take a proper selfie, which Wizzy posted on Twitter.


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