Is there growing tension amongst the ladies of Fifth Harmony? Not so according to Normani Kordei.

This isn’t the first time that rumours have plagued the ladies (which by the way, isn’t that NORMAL for friends to have a few issues?!?!). Anyway, the latest round of rumours were fueled after Normani gave a Facebook Live interview to Galore magazine.

She was asked to describe the best qualities of each of her fellow band mates. Fans took note that while giving lengthy, sweet responses about Dina, Lauren and Ally, she described Camila as just “cute” and “quirky” (yes, seriously, this is what started it).

Having none of it, Normani took to Twitter to address the fans directly…

Setting aside the drama, the ladies have bigger fish to fry, such as their 7/27 World Tour which sees them hit New Jersey, Cleveland and Toronto this weekend!

Check out their latest single, “All In My Head (Flex)” featuring rapper Fetty Wap.

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