WildSafe BC Squamish says year over year reports of black bears have jumped.

Vanessa Isnardy, Squamish WildSafe BC Community Coordinator says between January 1st and September 26th in 2014, 161 bears where reported, in 2015, 153 and in 2016, 297. At least 15 individual bears have been confirmed by Wildsafe BC in the District of Squamish this year, possibly more.

Isnardy says that of the reports received this September, 42% were fruit tree related. “The concern is when the fruit trees are done, what are the bears going to start turning too? Our hope is that they would turn to wild foods and go back out, but there isn’t very much right now. Usually, every two years is a pink run about this time. We’re in an even year so the pink returns aren’t very high, there’s not a lot of salmon for them to go after.”

WildSafe BC encourages the public to make sure any fruit has been harvested and if possible store garbage containers inside, if not, make sure they’re secured. October is a busy month historically for bear activity.

Use caution when on trails, and report your sightings to the Conservation Officer Service at 1-877-952-7277.

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