The District of Squamish has said an incident that took place downtown between two dogs on August 11th of this year that saw one dog loose it’s life has resulted in the attacking dog being designated as dangerous.

The investigation concluded in late August and the attacking dog was deemed dangerous under the Animal Control Bylaw. A District of Squamish statement says ‘If dangerous dogs are not kept in accordance with the Bylaw, the owners are subject to fines, and the dogs subject to seizure and impoundment’.

The bylaw means that the attacking dog involved in this incident cannot be running at large in the District, unless it’s kept on a leash no longer than two metres long, is securely muzzled and under the care of a competent person. The dog also has to be securely contained so that it cannot escape the owners property, and a sign posted on the owners property warning the public of the presence of a dangerous dog. Physical visits are made to the homes of owners, and the RCMP are also notified.

Currently there are three dogs designated as dangerous in Squamish. A list of dangerous dogs is available at Municipal Hall, the Squamish RCMP detachment, and at

The District of Squamish is working towards creating off leash areas to enable dogs to run safely off leash. Bylaw Enforcement and Animal Control will present a report to Council on October 25th that highlight options for new off leash areas for discussion and Council input.

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