For the first time in the 75-years of M&M’s, the candy company is delving into caramel.

It’s the biggest product launch in M&M history. They’ve actually built a whole new plant in Kansas just to make the new M&Ms and plan to hire 70 employees, so are hoping this candy will last for the long haul.

Called M&M’s Caramel,they’re described as “a creamy caramel center covered in delicious milk chocolate, enclosed in a colorful candy shell.”

Milk chocolate and peanut are the standard M&M’s flavors

M&M’s were developed during World War II. They were a great snack for soldiers in combat because “they would melt in the mouth and not in the hand.”

We’ll have to wait until May 2017 to see if that slogan holds true for M&M’s Caramel too!

Caramel M&Ms
via M&Ms
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