A Squamish local, fundraising for a campground within Squamish is close to it becoming a reality.

John Harvey, Founder of the Mamquam River Access Society (MRAS) says they have past three major hurdles towards creating a campground. They have had land rezoned, a lease with the crown signed, and have become a charity.

The MRAS wants to create an 8 acre public campground on the dyke road across from the gun range and quarry in Squamish.

Harvey estimates they will need to raise about $120,000 – $20,000 of which he is currently fundraising for from the public, the rest will come from grants, to hopefully allow them to break ground in January or February. Harvey is hopeful that they will have a “bare bones campground open for the summer”. He himself is a climber and says that he recognizes the need for a campground, saying that there is a “pile of unsanctioned camping” currently taking place in town.

Their goal is to have an affordable campground at $15 per site, and possibly $5 per night for “the guy in the van, who needs no more than an outhouse” according to Harvey.

A fundraiser will be taking place 7pm, October 28th at the Valhaller store in Squamish, featuring adventure slide shows, a silent auction and door prize.

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