Whistler Blackcomb has announced changes in how backcountry avalanche forecasts will be reported for the 2016/17 season.

In a release the organisation says that the lead agency for backcountry avalanche safety in the country, Avalanche Canada, has redrawn the boundaries of its Sea-to-Sky region to include Whistler Blackcomb, and will now take the lead on producing the avalanche forecast for the mountain.

Whistler Blackcomb’s Director of Mountain Operations Doug Macfarlane says; “There will be an increased consistency in the information offered, with the Sea-to-Sky forecast now coming from one agency, Avalanche Canada. Our patrol forecast team at Whistler Blackcomb will continue to work diligently with Avalanche Canada to share the most accurate information from our area.”

Avalanche Canada produces daily reports throughout the winter available to the public on their website. Reports can also be found on Whistler Blackcomb’s website once the season begins.

Karl Klassen, Avalanche Canada Public Avalanche Warning Service Manager says that the boundary changes mean increased accuracy of forecasts for the region. “We’ve been getting feedback for a while that the Sea to Sky region tried to do too much for too many people in too many different places, and the overall average of that region was not well reflected by the fact that there’s lower, much warmer mountains in the south and colder and higher mountains a littler further to the north… The sea to sky region will now be more reflective of the higher, colder, snowier mountains that includes the area right around Whistler Blackcomb”

Klassen says they have a strong relationship with Whistler Blackcomb and they’ve always used information from them to help understand the conditions in the Sea to Sky region. He says the only thing that changes is that instead of seeing two forecasts you’ll now see one.


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