Woodfibre LNG is trying to be responsible by reporting the September 8th spill at the Woodfibre Site, according to a local Professor.

Rich Wildman, Professor of Environmental Chemistry at Quest University believes the spill that occurred was small, and yet the company still had a consultant write a report. “The sort of, main conclusion I’ve drawn from this is that Woodfibre LNG is trying to be really responsible by recording even the most minor things to the Ministry of the Environment. Maybe that’s because they’re very strictly regulated or maybe that’s because they’re good corporate citizens, i don’t really know exactly what the rules are, but this was really small and unimportant and they still had a consultant come out and write a report like this”.

According to Wildman the analysis undertaken by Keystone Environmental was “in the most environmentally protective way that you could look at this”.

Wildman says this was a small spill; “it would take ten of these spills to fill a tanker truck” and says it was not that much water. He also noted that it did not spill anywhere other than a concrete lined pit. “There seems to be utterly no effect on anything about the environment”. Wildman says the chemistry of the 3,000 liters spilled was only out of compliance in three of many different chemical parameters, saying worse things go into our environment intentionally all the time.

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