The Conservation Officer Service is reporting a bear attack that took place yesterday afternoon at Coho Park (in the Garibaldi Estates at the base of Skyline Drive) in Squamish. Conservation Officer’s say a man received cuts and abrasions after being charged by a bear on a trail.

In a statement the District of Squamish says Coho Park has now been closed to the public as multiple bears are in the area feeding on the salmon that are rampant in the creek. The public is asked to respect the closure and stay out of the area to avoid further human wildlife conflicts.

Residents and visitors should exercise heightened vigilance, especially around salmon-bearing streams as the bears are drawn to these areas.

The Principle for Garibaldi Highlands Elementary, Paul Lorette issued a notice to parents yesterday saying they would be holding students at the school on Tuesday until a parent or approved adult could collect them. Lorette has also suggested that parents make appropriate arrangements for pick up and drop off today. He suggested precautions such as staying on main roads, avoiding trails and wooded areas.

The public is advised to give bears space during this time and are reminded of the following:

  • Never approach a bear;
  • Avoid surprising a bear by making your presence known when traveling on trails;
  • Keep dogs on leash;
  • Slowly back away from a bear if you encounter one;
  • Leave the area immediately;
  • Report all bear sightings to 1-877-952-7277.


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