The Village of Pemberton has issued an Evacuation Alert for Airport Road.

This alert is a notification of the potential danger which might arise due to a potential flood in your area. The Village of Pemberton says it would be prudent for residents to prepare to leave this area with very short notice.

The alert may be followed by an immediate order to evacuate, with more updated information on the condition, and when an evacuation order is issued you must leave your home immediately.

Should this evacuation alert be followed by an evacuation order, and you need transportation from the area, please call 604.894.6135.

One Mile Lake Park has also been closed due to water levels.

The Lil’Wat Nation has also issued an Emergency Alert Flood Notification for Indian Reserves #1, #2, #3, #6, #8 & #10. The Nation is alerting residents to the potential danger which might arise due to high water in the Upper Lillooet Lake River.

Residents are advised to be ready to leave with short notice.

The Xit’olacw Community School will be the emergency evacuation centre for residents in the event of an evacuation. You can contact them at 604-894-6131


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