The village of Lions Bay voted for their newest Councillor on Saturday.

Preliminary results show Eileen Wilke has won with 233 votes against Lisa Turpin’s 178 votes. The by-election was held to fill the position formerly held by Helen Waterson, who resigned on June 6th of this year.

In Wilke”s campaign literature she says she moved to Lions Bay in 2002 and supports, among other things, campaigns to save the Howe Sound from industrialization and governing in a Transparent and Financially responsible manner.

Wilke is currently an active member of Lions Bay Emergency Social Services, a Neighborhood Block Watch co-captain, Treasurer of the Lions Bay Community Scholarship Foundation, a volunteer finance person for the Village Emergency Operations Centre and a member of the Lions Bay Arts Council. She will hold office until October 2018, when the next general local election will be held.

Residents also overwhelmingly voted “yes” for the Infrastructure Master Plan Financing Loan Authorization Bylaw.


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