The BC SPCA says they’ve seized 29 dogs and puppies from a breeder in Squamish.

The organization says the animals were seized during a warrant that was executed on November 30th after a member of the public alerted them to concerns with the breeder. 18 dogs and 11 puppies were taken by the SPCA and include Old English sheepdogs, Coton de Tulear, bearded collies and a Tibetan terrier. The District of Squamish says they’ve received 17 complaints on the breeder between 2008-2016.

District of Squamish Animal Control worked in coordination with RCMP and the BC SPCA and ‘played a role in the search of the residence and seizure of the dogs’. They have investigated complaints on the residence but were unable to gain cooperation from the owner, which ultimately lead to this seizure.

In a statement the BC SPCA says; ‘The dogs were badly matted and suffering from ear infections, overgrown nails, skin infections and severe dental disease’. The dogs, some of whom may be pregnant, are currently in SPCA care in the Lower Mainland and are receiving ongoing veterinary treatment.

Marcie Moriarty, Chief Prevention and Enforcement Officer for the BC SPCA is calling the facility a puppy mill: “If you’re defining puppy mills as a situation where animals are repeatedly bred with little regard for health and well-being and substandard conditions, then definitely this appears to meet that definition. You know, people I think get in there minds puppy mill with large scale barns with row after row of crates. That’s not always how it happens, it can be on a smaller scale like this. There were definitely concerns with the environment from which these animals were removed, but they were in a variety of places on the property, including within the home.”

It’s early on in the investigation but the organization says that anyone who has animals removed under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act could face charges under either the Provincial piece of legislation and or the Criminal Code with respect to animal cruelty.

The SPCA is calling for regulations on breeders in BC, Moriarty says; “This is yet another example of why regulations for dog (and cat) breeders are needed in this province… We have been working with the B.C. government on developing laws that we hope will help avoid these types of cases in the future.”.

Donations to help off-set the costs of caring for the dogs are being accepted by the organization – visit to donate. They are not available for adoption at this time, pending the legal process.


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