A volunteer firefighter was instrumental in saving lives yesterday.

Squamish RCMP say just before 4pm on Tuesday a vehicle heading southbound on Highway 99, 1 kilometer south of the Tantalus lookout – about 10 kilometers north of Squamish drifted off the road and down a steep embankment into a ditch. The vehicle then burst into flames.

RCMP Staff Sergeant Jolaine Percival says fortunately at that exact moment an off duty firefighter was also travelling the highway and had witnessed what had happened. The firefighter ran down the embankment and pulled the two occupants to safety, while the vehicle was still engulfed in flames. Percival said; “…this act of bravery is a reason why, probably these two occupants were able to walk away from this collision, because it could have been much much worse.”

Clint Ely was the off duty Lillooet volunteer firefighter who risked his life to help the motorists. Ely has been with the department for 2 years.

Witnesses believe the driver of the vehicle may have fallen asleep at the wheel.


Photo Credit: Skeeze / Pixabay.com

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