Whistler has announced a new program aimed at matching business owners with property owners for workforce housing.

The Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) says the goal is to help local business owners find stable accommodation for their workforce, while encouraging home owners with a streamlined, low risk option to earn rental income from their vacant properties.

The program comes from the newly formed Mayor’s Task Force on Housing and will be administered by the Whistler Housing Authority and managed by their licensed property manager. Whistler Mayor Nancy Wilhelm-Morden says; “By providing property owners with the confidence and security that comes from signing a lease with a local business, we hope to add a number of stable housing options to Whistler’s housing supply”.

In a statement the RMOW says the Task Force is also working on a number of strategies including increasing investigation and enforcement against property owners who illegally rent their homes for ‘tourist rentals’, new business licensing for appropriately zoned properties for visitor accommodation, and constructing additional rental housing through the Whistler Housing Authority.

Beginning December 16th businesses and property owners can register for the program at WhistlerHousing.ca.


Photo Credit: Sonia Sevilla / Wikimedia.org

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