Clarification: Record temperatures set reflect coldest temperatures on December 14th year over year, not necessarily coldest temperatures ever recorded.


Residents in Squamish and Whistler have a right to be a little disgruntled with the recent cold weather.

Environment Canada said Thursday that temperatures (measured in Celsius) overnight on Wednesday (December 14th) were as low as -18 in Whistler, breaking a previous low of -17.2 that was recorded in 1971. In Squamish temperatures dropped to a mild -12.1 in comparison. The previously recorded record low was -8.3 in 1964.

The weather agency says the cold temperatures are due to a ‘very cold arctic air mass’ that’s settled in over the region.

The cold spell has had an effect on homeowners in the corridor. Kelly Hopkins at New Era Plumbing & Heating says they have seen an increase in service calls in the last two days. To prevent your pipes from freezing, Hopkins recommends that you drain out your hose bibs and ensure your crawl space is heated or plumping pipes are insulated.


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