Buses in Whistler and Squamish are getting smarter and safer with ‘continued implementation of best-in-class technologies’ according to BC Transit.

In a release this week BC Transit said changes are on the way for local buses in the region. Enhancements to buses will include: CCTV, automatic passenger counters and real time information about where buses are located.

BC Transit Communications Manager Jonathon Dyck says users will be able to know where buses are while you’re on the move with the real time information system. Dyck says it will be a digital service that you can access on your computer or on your mobile device, and track your bus in real time.

BC Transit will be issuing a Request For Proposals in January to find a vendor to install and maintain the real time technology. CCTV cameras will start to be fitted next year, while the real time technology will be phased in, in 2018.

The introduction of automatic passenger counters will allow the company to ‘optimize service delivery based on precise and timely data’ according to the release.

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