Highway 99 maintenance contractor Mainroad has said extreme cold temperatures continue to challenge all their jurisdictions.

The company says regular patrols are ongoing and sanding is being applied as required by their contractual requirements with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. The Sea to Sky was closed on Tuesday in Whistler due to an accident caused by icy road conditions. The same conditions caused traffic chaos just before Christmas.

Mainroad Communications Specialist, Niki Taylor says at times, volumes of traffic can interfere with operations, hampering operators from getting to areas as quickly as they would like to. The company is currently reviewing alternative chemicals to assist in snow clearing operations. Taylor says there is a point that a chemical application becomes ineffective and they must rely on winter sand for traction purposes.

You can report highway hazards or debris to Mainroad’s 24 hour hotline at 1-866-904-0209.

Mainroad is responsible for Highway 99 running through Whistler and north of Whistler. Miller Capilano maintains the highway south of Whistler.


Photo Credit: Torange.biz

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