Squamish RCMP are asking for the public’s help in identifying a man who died in a tent on Saturday night.

Police were called to a tent at 1580 Highway 99 in Squamish just before midnight on January 21st. A passerby had seen a fire in the bush across from the Shell gas station and then heard an explosion – thought to be from propane canisters in the tent.

Police were on scene 4 minutes after the call was dispatched and the fire was extinguished with a fire extinguisher. An ambulance was called but was stood down when a deceased body was discovered.

Squamish RCMP Staff Sargent Jolaine Percival says; “This is a tragic situation. Every year we experience deaths like this. We observe homelessness daily. What we need now is the help from the public to assist us in identifying him, so we can properly advise his family. We know that he had a Mountain Equipment Co-op Navy blue backpack, had an acoustic guitar, smoked cigarettes and likely worked in construction as a result of numerous clothing items around the camp site.”

At this time the body has not been identified and police are asking for assistance from anyone who might be able to provide a name or information on the identity of the deceased Squamish man.

You can contact the Squamish RCMP Detachment with information at 604-892-6100.


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