A Squamish daycare has sent an e-mail to parents voicing their concern surrounding the new temporary location of the Woodfibre LNG (WLNG) / Fortis BC Community Office.

The e-mail written by Jennifer Schorz, Chair of the Board for the Platypus Playcentre says they have been made aware of a letter that was circulated in Amblepath in late December by WLNG announcing the temporary relocation of the office. Schorz states that due to the proximity of the business’ location they are concerned with safety given its recent arson attack in November. Schorz also says the ‘Platypus Board does not take any side on the LNG issue’.

The letter distributed to nearby residents in December by WLNG says the office will be at the location until the spring of 2017. It also says ‘we have taken measures to protect the office and the neighbourhood.’

The daycare’s communication to parents claims the Platypus Board is actively pursuing representatives from Woodfibre LNG as well as FortisBC to provide a reason for the office’s relocation. Schorz says they want to ‘understand the reason behind moving such a high profile office into a residential neigbourhood and beside a daycare.’

Jennifer Siddon, WLNG Associate Vice President of Corporate Communications says WLNG Community Relations Manager John French is in contact with the daycare to discuss concerns. In response to queries about the location choice, Siddon says this location (#43-40137 Government Road) was “the best fit for a community office on a short term notice, it was available, it made sense from a meeting perspective”. She says there was a security assessment undertaken; “we’ve taken certain measures to discourage any kind of behavior that people in the community might be concerned about, including surveillance”.

The reason that the WLNG Community Office is still in a temporary location is that the building permit to repair the downtown location has not yet been processed. Siddon says they’re working with the District of Squamish to try and get the permit moved forward, but they understand there is a backlog.

If you have concerns Siddon says the best thing you can do is contact them directly so that they can see if there is anything they can do to address those concerns in the short term. So far one parent from Platypus Playcentre contacted WLNG via Facebook this morning.

Platypus Playcentre could not be reached for comment by the time of publication.


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