The Village of Pemberton has said they’ll be monitoring and issuing fines for household waste found in municipal garbage bins.

Sheena Fraser, Manager of Corporate and Legislative Services for the Village of Pemberton says their public works department has noticed household waste in the small bear-bin containers. Fraser say’s they’re able to identify it as being household waste, as often the garbage bag is a grocery store bag and it’ll have food scrapes, and other household waste in.

“Our guys are not going to take every garbage bag apart and look at it, but if it is evident and easy to identify, then they will mark that down and we will send a letter to the resident.” says Fraser. After being sent a letter, If the action continues an initial fine of $100 could be issued, with subsequent fines increasing in cost, up to $400 for each offense.

The fines are issued under a Wildlife Attractants Bylaw that came into force in 2012. The law was brought in to align with the communities Bear Smart practices.

Officials say household garbage should be either disposed of via curbside pickup, dropped off at the waste transfer station in Pemberton or disposed of in your strata garbage facility. Waste management is managed by the Squamish-Lillooet Regional district, not the Village of Pemberton.


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