Blue Rodeo 1000 Arms
Blue Rodeo // Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre // Jan 26, 2017 – Mel Z / Rogers

When Blue Rodeo were in Victoria last Thursday they made a touching dedication of their new song 1,000 Arms to Gord Downie and John Mann, who’ve both been going through heartbreaking challenges with their health recently.

Gord Downie — The Man Who Walks Among the Stars — joined Blue Rodeo on stage with The Sadies for a big onstage group hug and sing-along on Lost Together their Toronto show at Massey Hall.

This grand entrance is more than any fan could hope for.

Great music, kisses, a heart-warming 1,000 Arms hug from Blue Rodeo members and a warm warm welcome from the audience followed his surprise onstage entrance. Gord had some lyrics handy to sing along on Lost Together, but still added that touch of raw emotion that Downie and the Hip are known for. Lots of love, Gord, great to see you!

Gord Downie
Gord Downie in Victoria with the Fully Completely anniversary tour 2015 (Mel Z / Rogers)

Interview with Blue Rodeo bassist, Bazil Donovan discussing Gord Downie’s influence on his music career and Blue Rodeo. 

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