The West Coast Railway Heritage Park has been unable to open since Christmas due to the effect weather has had on their site.

Ken Tanner, President and CEO of the West Coast Railway Association says they have been inundated with snow; “Our snow plowing contractor said there was too much snow for him to shovel today.”

Staff feel its too dangerous for the public to walk around the outdoor exhibits due to icy conditions. Winds have taken their toll on upper level panels, pipes have become frozen and furnaces have also shut down. “We’re not able to move our trains, switches our frozen, the turntable is not operational because its fully frozen in” says Tanner.

The non-profit is struggling to keep visitors safe and equipment preserved. It will likely be a couple more weeks before they can consider opening again. The organization has not only sustained a loss in revenue but will also have to fork out cash for repairs.

The association has already sent out an appeal to their members to assist with finances. Members of the public can also donate at

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