Squamish RCMP say their Sea to Sky Traffic Services unit stopped between 850-900 vehicles last weekend during a combined tire check and impaired driving initiative.

Of the vehicles checked, four were towed at the owners expense due to not having snow tires and a dozen drivers were turned around due to the road conditions and their tire tread depth being questionable.

Approximately a dozen impaired driving investigations were started, resulting in two, three day immediate roadside prohibitions, and one instance where charges of Impaired driving have been recommended to the crown.

Winter tires with the mountain snowflake are recommended as opposed to all season tires with ‘M&S’ on them, as they’re much more effective for travel through heavy snow and ice. Although ‘M&S’ tires are the minimum legal requirement for travel on the Sea to Sky highway.

The public should expect to see RCMP members out checking for winter tires on Highway 99, especially with current snowfall events in the region.

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