Woodfibre LNG (WLNG) has now received the permits they need to complete restoration of their downtown Squamish office.

The Woodfibre LNG – Fortis BC Community Office on Cleveland Avenue was the subject of an arson attack on November 3rd 2016. The company had not received permits to restore the office from the District of Squamish until recently, and had reopened in a temporary office location on Government Road in Squamish.

In recent weeks parents and staff at Platypus Playcentre on Government Road that are adjacent to the temporary WLNG office had expressed safety concerns. WLNG sent a letter to Jennifer Schorz, Chair of the Platypus Playcentre on Government Road on February 10th saying they would be leaving the temporary office location when their lease expires at the end of the month.

In the letter Jennifer Siddon, Associate Vice President of Corporate Communications for WLNG says they plan to hold an open house/celebration to mark the reopening of the community office ‘very soon’.

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