“The way Canadians listen to radio is changing, and we’re changing with them.”

That quote comes from Senior Vice President, Rogers Radio, Julie Adam and perfectly explains the need for this new Digital application from Radioplayer Canada.

In keeping up with the times, the new (and free) Radioplayer Canada app will give radio listeners a variety of choice and when it comes to music, talk, news and entertainment with access to more than 500 Canadian radio stations across any device; the app is available on iOS, Android, and through a desktop player.

Whether you’re at home doing work, at the gym working out, or on the road running errands, listeners can tune into their favourite radio broadcasts through Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Chromecast and smartwatches and can do so right across the country.

The idea is to make listening easier as Julie Adam explains, “Radioplayer gives our listeners access to their favourite local stations and allows them to discover others across the country like never before. With access on mobile devices and desktop, tuning to your favourite station has never been easier.”




Five years ago, the first Radioplayer launched in the UK between private radio broadcasters and BBC Radio; it’s now become the top-rated digital radio app in Europe.  Michael Hill, the Founder and Managing Director for Radioplayer UK spoke of the challenges that radio faces and the importance of keeping up with the changes in technology,

“Having CBC/Radio-Canada join the Canadian Radioplayer effort is another very proud moment for Radioplayer… Radio faces amazing, yet technically challenging, opportunities in cars, smartphones, and among younger audiences. Joining the ever-growing Radioplayer family is a great way for broadcasters to address these together – whether their focus is public service delivery or growing commercial revenue.”

Tune in to your favourite radio stations across the country by downloading the Radioplayer Canada app today!


Here’s how you can download the apps right now:

Download Radioplayer Canada For Apple iOS devices (iPhone & iPad):

Download Radioplayer Canada For Android devices (phones & tablets):


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