A derelict vessel that was moored in the Cattermole Slough in Squamish has sunk, and is leaking fuel into the surrounding water. It’s not the first instance of a derelict vessel sinking in waters surrounding Squamish recently.

Squamish resident Tim Cyr says the Stream-Keepers (a local community group) noticed the boat sinking early Saturday morning and notified the Coast Guard.

Michelle Imbeau, Communications Adviser for the Canadian Coast Guard says their Environmental Response crews conducted an on-site assessment on Tuesday. Imbeau confirmed that a small amount of fuel had been released, and that crews have now removed accessible pollutants and placed absorbent boom around the vessel to contain the spread.

The Environmental Response crews have also rigged the vessel to have it ready for a salvage contractor to move it onto a barge when tides and weather permit. The earliest that the boat could be removed would be Friday.

Imbeau says that the Coast Guard is working with the District of Squamish and has hired a contractor to remove the vessel from the water. The Coast Guard says no waterfowl have been observed around the vessel.

Transport Canada lists the vessel, the Seamee II as last registered in New Westminster in May of 2010.


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