The recently announced BC Transit Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling station in Whistler is moving to the next phase of construction.

BC Transit says they have signed an agreement with Clean Energy to build and maintain the $3.2 million fueling station. The facility is expected to be online by the end of the year according to a release.

Whistler will also see 25 new CNG-powered buses in early 2018. Each of which will have a capacity of 81 passengers and new technology installed such as CCTV and automatic passenger counters. Vehicle locators installed on the buses will also allow passengers to know exactly when their bus will arrive.

The natural gas will be supplied by FortisBC, and according to the release, to help offset the initial costs of the new CNG buses, FortisBC will provide funding of up to $462,000. The energy company, says using CNG reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 15%-25%, and it also costs 25%-50% less than traditional diesel fuel.

Manuel Achadinha, BC Transit President and Chief Executive Officer says; “The new buses will support a more efficient and effective transit system that will connect the people of Whistler throughout the community”. A total of $17 million is being invested in the Whistler Transit System.


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