Arts Whistler has announced three weeks of celebration to honour one of the most significant artists to work, live, and contribute to the Sea to Sky community, Chili Thom.

The event titled ‘The Chili Thom Experience’ is a celebration of the artists’ life and his art, and will be recognized via a resort-wide celebration that takes place June 2nd to 26th with exhibitions, eccentric evenings, performances, and a showcase of Chili-inspired young artists’ work.

Arts Whistler Executive Director, Maureen Douglas says Chili was a true cultural connector; “it really sometimes does take that human element to make people walk the line and see what we have to offer”. Douglas says she wants everyone to know “that this [The Chili Thom Experience] didn’t happen because he was dying, this happened because it was going to happen anyhow. To be able to work with Chili at the beginning of this project has been such a fine example of bravery from him, and I hope that we can honour his memory as best we can, and his wishes as best we can”.

Events include ‘His Masterpieces’ at the Audain Art Museum, ‘His Eclectic Soul’ hosted at The Gallery at the Arts Centre, ‘Inspired By Chili Thom’ at the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre, ‘Little Chilis’ hosted by the Whistler Public Library and ‘Collecting Chili Thom’ at the Whistler Museum.

More details can be found here.


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