The National Energy Board (NEB) has granted Woodfibre LNG (WLNG) it’s 40 year export licence.

In its decision, the NEB found that the quantity of natural gas proposed to be exported by the project is surplus to Canadian needs, and can accommodate a plausible increase in demand as well as exports proposed by the company.

Previously WLNG had received a 25-year licence but amendments to the ‘NEB Act Part VI Regulations’ in 2015 increased the maximum term to 40 years.

The Board approved requests for a 15% annual tolerance to the amount of gas that can be exported under the licence in any 12-month period, to manage variability in the quantity of Liquid Natural Gas that could be produced at the facility.

However the Board denied a request for unutilized annual export amounts to be available for a subsequent five years.

The export licence is subject to Governor in Council approval.


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