The online survey of Whistler’s Community Housing Needs is now live until April 24th.

The Resort Municipality of Whistler is asking that anyone who lives, works, or owns property in Whistler who has not already taken part in the phone or in-person surveys to complete the online survey.

The survey is said to build on work by the Mayor’s Task Force on Resident Housing, and will help the task force better understand the region’s current housing situation including; how the existing inventory of residential homes is currently used, the evolution of household structures and current housing needs, future anticipated workforce housing needs, and support for initiatives to address affordability for workforce housing.

Whistler Mayor Nancy Wilhelm-Morden says that they are in the process of ‘”gathering important data not currently available from other sources to help us understand our community’s present housing situation”. She says the data will help to inform future initiatives and decision-making.

A survey report is expected to be finalized in May. You can find the survey here.

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