The Community Foundation of Whistler has announced results of its non-profit survey. Results shed light on some of the issues currently faced by the sector in Whistler.

The ‘Community Group Needs Assessment’ saw 43 responses from local non-profits and revealed that over 60% of respondents do not provide health care benefits for their staff. The survey also found that almost 600 people are employed by non-profits in the region.

Respondents identified space constraints as a limitation to their ability to grow or to provide effective programming. Over 40% said the challenge of financial capacity had a serious impact or was very problematic for their organization. The top three choices for additional support was operational funding, support & training for collaboration, and access to professional support including: marketing, legal, accounting and administrative supports. Of those who participated in the survey, 9 respondents (20% – the largest percentage) were sports organisations.

Executive Director Carol Coffey hopes the report will help the broader community better understand the challenges faced by the non profit sector. In a statement she says that; “These organizations are often dealing with some of the community’s most complex and challenging issues, such as hunger, abuse, mental health issues, disabilities, social inequity etc. yet they struggle to find the funds to pay for their programming and to keep the passionate people who are the heart and soul of their ability to create community impact.”

You can view the survey findings in there entirety here.


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