The BC SPCA has seized 24 dogs and puppies and 6 cats from a puppy breeding operation near Lillooet. The organization says the animals were all suffering from severe neglect.

SPCA Constables removed 16 dogs and 4 cats from the property earlier this month and a further 8 dogs and 2 cats were surrendered over the weekend as part of the ongoing investigation. BC SPCA General Manager of Community Relations Lori Chortyk said the living conditions were quite horrific; “…high levels of ammonia from the urine, just filth and debris. Some of them were living in chicken coops, filled with chicken and dog feces. The small animals were actually being kept in rodent cages, cages that were intended for hamsters or gerbils…”

The SPCA declined to give more specifics as to the location of the breeder as the area is remote and would likely identify the individual. Until charges are laid, individuals cannot be identified by law.

The dogs include 15 Havanese and Havanese-cross dogs, 8 Yorkie-cross dogs and 1 emaciated Husky cross. The animals are currently getting treatment for serious dental disease. They were also groomed as they had “very very badly matted [fur]” according to Chortyk, which can be quiet dangerous for animals as it can cut off circulation. All of the animals are being cared for at SPCA facilities in Kamloops and Kelowna.

Chortyk says they often receive tips from the public about concerning situations, and they then investigate. If there are areas of concern the organization will then act right away.

The SPCA says the investigation continues and charges of animal cruelty may be recommended in the case.


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