The Mountain Bike Tourism Association presented their findings and final report of the Economic Impact Study for mountain biking in Pemberton to the Village of Pemberton’s council this week.

210 surveys were conducted last year at 3 primary locations; the entrance to Happy Trail, One Mile Lake, and Mackenzie Forrest Service Road (dropped part way through due to lack of volume) between July 8th and August 29th, 2016.

The report highlights that the spending of out-of-town visitors who rode on the trail system in 2016 totaled $908,000, supporting $1.4 million in economic activity in B.C. including $1.1 million of economic activity in Pemberton. Over 3,400 riders took over 32,000 rides last year, with close to 3,000 riders and 6,300 rides made by visitors from outside the Sea to Sky region.

Other stats from the report include that only 16 out of the 210 respondents were from outside of B.C., 50% of visitors stayed within Pemberton, and 6.5 jobs in the village were supported by mountain bike tourism and operational spending. The new data cannot be compared to 10 years ago like other communities in the Sea to Sky corridor, as no data was collected in Pemberton in 2006.

You can view the full report here.


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