You can expect to see a substantial amount of additional police and security in Whistler this weekend.

The Resort Municipality of Whistler has budgeted $30,000 for private security to help keep the community safe, and maintain a family friendly atmosphere in the resort town. Whistler RCMP say that in the past, the Lower Village has experienced challenges involving disorderly behaviour generally resulting from excess alcohol consumption.

Additional officers are being brought in from surrounding communities to assist. Whistler RCMP Corporal Darren Durnin says the public is reminded that there will be zero tolerance for possession of open liquor or unlawful behaviour; “there will be Sea to Sky Traffic Services and Integrated Road Safety Units that will be on the roadways. There will be an emphasis on ensuring drivers are not impaired that will include roadside check points and that drivers are abiding by the Motor Vehicle Act”. Durnin says RCMP officers will also be patrolling via foot, bicycle and in vehicles.

Whistler Mayor Nancy Wilhelm-Morden says additional fire crews and bylaw staff will also be on hand over the weekend. The Mayor says they want to stop the trend among young people that Whistler is the place to go on the May long weekend to party; “We wanted to reverse that trend by taking many of the same measures that we did with New Years Eve years ago”. She wants the message to get out that the public should come to Whistler to have fun, but behave, “police and the security are helping us to achieve those goals” says Wilhelm-Morden.

Police will be visible in the Village and Whistler community throughout the weekend to maintain a safe and pleasant experience for residents and visitors.


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