Squamish RCMP say they received several calls over the long weekend from members of the public who were concerned about dogs left in vehicles.

RCMP Corporal Sascha Banks says citizens notified police of dogs in cars with no water and little to no ventilation over the weekend. On Saturday May 21st police attended 4 ‘animals in distress’ calls throughout the Squamish RCMP detachment’s jurisdiction. The public is being reminded that temperatures in vehicles increase at a high rate and dogs can be under duress in less than 10 minutes with temperatures in vehicles getting well above 40 degrees Celsius.

The BC SPCA says pet owners should be alert to heatstroke symptoms, which include: exaggerated panting (or the sudden stopping of panting), rapid or erratic pulse, salivation, anxious or staring expression, weakness and muscle tremors, lack of coordination, convulsions or vomiting, and collapse.

If you see a dog that may be in trouble the SPCA recommends that you record the information about the vehicle, ask the store to page customers, and if the dog looks in distress call animal control authorities or local law enforcement. You can find more information from the SPCA regarding pets in hot cars here.

Police recommend that you leave your pet at home.


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