One of Pemberton’s own has become the youngest person ever to summit Canada’s highest peak, at just 15 years old.

Naomi Prohaska who attends Pemberton Secondary School reached the summit of Mount Logan, located in Kluane National Park on Tuesday. Mt. Logan is not only Canada’s highest mountain at 5,959 metres (19,551 ft) but also the world’s largest in mass, and second highest peak in North America. Prohaska managed the impressive feet alongside her dad (Richard) who has been a guide on the mountain 8 times.

The group flew to the base camp of Mt. Logan on May 10th and reached the summit May 22nd. Following the successful ascent Prohaska sent the following message via a satellite communicator: “Yesterday I summited Mt. Logan! I am the youngest person to have stood on the top of Canada!” Prohaska said that during the descent the group got frostbite due to severe headwind, but are OK now.

Pemberton Secondary School Principle Krista Brynjolfson said they were all “super excited” and “proud” of the student’s accomplishment; “I want Naomi to know, and her family, that we are all here at Pemberton Secondary, we are all so proud of her for reaching this accomplishment. We really are, that’s a huge goal. It also puts Pemberton on the map as well…” Brynjolfson said it is an inspiration to the students and community that you can set quite high goals and reach them with hard work and dedication; “Our kids here in this corridor are awesome, and we can do great things, and she has just set the bar for all of us to reach.”


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