Several community events in Sechelt have been dropped following zoning and development permit delays.

Sechelt Sustainable Community Properties (SSCP) have been trying to rezone a 420 acre parcel of land in Sechelt since 2014, and have been hosting several community events on the land while development permits where processing.

General Manager and Interim CEO of SSCP Werner Hofstätter says the Paddling Festival, Electric Vehicle Festival and Urban Garden wont be taking place this year. He says the events that had been held were an example of what they want to be held on the site in the future once it’s developed; “…we tied events every summer to the programs that we’re hoping to have on site once we get approval, both to sort of set the tone and give people a flavour of what it is that we’re going to be providing. But also as a way of thanking them for their ideas and making sure they feel that they’re a part of this project…”

Hofstätter says they got messages that they should be focused on their rezoning efforts and permit approvals, rather than sending mixed messages to Mayor and Council by hosting the events; “…as a result of the fairly lengthy delays of getting this approved and needing to focus on what’s really important in the long run. We feel at this point in time we need to focus on those things. We’re a very small organization at this point trying to do a very big thing here”.

If approved for development the land would see over 1,300 dwellings including assisted living facilities, a farm for local food production, an adventure park as well as ocean front development. Hofstätter estimates between $500-600 million dollars would be spent during construction. It’s also estimated that 1,400 full time jobs would be created by the development, with 3,000 residents added to the area and approximately $5 million in annual tax revenues.


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