Local hikers are taking it upon themselves to clear up our trails, as the amount of trash increases on area trails.

Whistler resident Vince Emond and his friend Devan Francis went for an overnight camping trip at the weekend to Joffre Lakes, only to find numerous pieces of garbage along the trail. Emond says it was clearly people out to have a good time that left the mess, as items like solo cups and beer cans were found.

The two always try and pickup garbage along the trail, but this time ended up collecting around 40lbs of trash; “there was really big tarps, there was an entire tent in pieces which added to quite a bit of the weight, but there was a ton of garbage, it was really really substantial”.

Emond suggests that trail users take a garbage bag with them next time they hit the trails and bring a little bit back next time they are on a hike.

It was just recently that the Keyhole Falls hot springs trails were closed indefinitely due to garbage left behind that was attracting bears to the area.


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