The Village of Pemberton (VoP) will be hosting a series of community engagement sessions to tackle the issue of short term rentals in the region. Currently Pemberton has 3 hotels and 6 bed & breakfasts that hold business licences, but 75 listings in the area on Airbnb according to the VoP.

The engagement sessions will explore local issues related to short term vacation rentals, show what other communities’ experiences have been, and provide the opportunity to discuss options for zoning current & future Pemberton neighbourhoods. The solution will be incorporated into the new zoning bylaw.

Sessions will take place on July 14th at the Pemberton Farmers Market between 3pm – 6:30pm, July 18th at the Pemberton Community Centre between 6pm – 8pm and July 25th at the Committee of the Whole Meeting betweem 2pm – 3pm. The public is also invited to host a session where Village of Pemberton staff will bring a community session to you along with chips & dip.

Pemberton Mayor Mike Richman says it’s not the first time they have asked residents to host engagement sessions, but it is a first for a zoning bylaw review; “We recognize that there [are] beautiful summer days and evenings out there right now, and its kind of hard to get people into an office, and their schedules are tight. So, lets go to them if we have to, ‘cos we really want to get input on this and it’s really important to us.

You can find more details on the engagement sessions here.


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