Police in Whistler say a man is scheduled to appear in Provincial Court at the end of July following a fire on Blackcomb Mountain.

The fire that occurred on July 2nd above Painted Cliff drive in Blackcomb Benchlands, which was quickly contained by crews is believed to have been started by the man who had setup a make shift campsite in the area. Police say that emergency crews and representatives from Whistler-Blackcomb detained the individual when they were on the scene.

RCMP say his actions are not believed to be intentional, but they were not consistent with the fire ban in place at the time and as a result of the investigation have been deemed as criminal. Five aircraft and more than 50 firefighters were involved in containing and extinguishing the blaze.

A charge of arson was approved by Crown Counsel against the man as a result of the damage caused by the fire to a forested area owned by the Province and leased to Whistler-Blackcomb. He was brought before a judge and released on a promise to appear in Provincial Court on July 26th.

Police want to remind the public of the importance of knowing what the current bans and restrictions are in the area. You can check the status of fire bans by clicking here – currently there is a fire ban which includes campfires in Whistler and throughout the Sea to Sky region.


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