There are definitely a few songs you should know as a Canadian. The National Anthem, anything by The Hip, Rush, The Guess Who and of course… “Out for a Rip” by Canadian rapper B. Rich. In 2013 the Toronto rapper released a hilarious song and video that showcased exactly what being a Canadian entails. Sipping maple syrup, playing hockey, rocking plaid and ultimately getting in the truck and going…”Out for a Rip”.

Check out the original viral video below! Warning: NSFW. Lots of Canadian swear words eh.

Since then -as you can imagine- the catch phrase “Out for Rip” has become a new popular Canadian saying.  So popular in fact, the soft drink company Coca-Cola decided to use “Out for a Rip”  on the sides of their new bottles. Cool right? Wrong. Because the company didn’t ask for permission!


The rapper told The Canadian Press his reaction when he saw his phrase on the popular brands bottle. “I just pulled it out of the cooler — and it was literally in my hand before I saw what was on it. I definitely did a double take.”

Right after his song went viral in 2013 B. Rich was sure to submit his work to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office where he received documents that made the phrase legally his own. To take legal action and prove a point to Coke B. Rich did what B. Rich does best. He created another hilarious song called “Out for a Sip” which features a Toronto-based intellectual property lawyer who actually discusses B. Rich’s legal rights in the song!

A representative for Coke said the company has “reached out” to discuss the matter. Well done B. Rich… well done.


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